Flask vs FASTAPI vs Django ???

Both Django and Flask are great frameworks,no doubt but FASTAPi is making rapid progress.

Django comes in handy when a service depends on a database, needs a simple admin interface and perhaps a requires a nice web GUI. All that comes out of the box with Django thanks to its amazing ORM, admin app and template engine.

When a simple micro-service that exposes a couple API Endpoints is needed, this is where Flask shines. Personally speaking ,I have used flask extensively for deploying ML models.

However when it comes to RESTful microservices, both Flask…


If you are a data scientist or a ml engineer there are probably very high chances that you have waited for long hours sat in front of your laptops to watch your model train This experience can be really tiring and cumbersome.

To solve this problem there is a way through which we can monitor our models performance through a mobile phone. we just need to install an app called as tensordash and make some necessary changes to our code and provide the required credentials. Dont believe me?? I will give you a quick demo….

Let me give you some…

Fraud detection

Through this blog, I would be talking about one of the very important usecases that many companies try to focus on which is detecting fraudulent activities in financial transactions.


Two types of approaches are possible according to me which would be based on the data you get. For example lets consider scenario in which you are just given random financial transactions and you need to find a solution to detect fraudulent transactions and other one in which you already have the output labels as fraud and normal transactions

Scenario No output labels ( unsupervised learning)

In this case we can…

Recommendations for Plans

Congratulations! if you have stumbled across this usecase,it means you are on the right path in your journey.

We all are surrounded by recommender systems all around us,whether it be a movie or a tv series we are watching on Netflix or Amazon Prime or searching a particular product on a ecommerce website.Even the text you type in your keybad while texting uses some sort of recommendations ( to be specific it uses a concept called as federated learning)

In the current period of data over-burden, it is getting progressively difficult for individuals to discover applicable substance. Recommender frameworks have…

In the current generation if we ask what is the most eye catchy phrase that one should have heard,I am pretty sure the answer in a chorus would come out to be MACHINE LEARNING.

So without wasting any time lets get our hands dirty and dive deep into this world of Machine learning which can help us to get our dream job that most of you reading this article would aspire of.

Expert Systems

Expert System

In AI, an expert system is a computer system that emulates the decision-making ability of a human expert. Expert systems are designed to solve complex problems by reasoning…

Kunal Verma

ML engineer | Data scientist

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